Use Froehde Reagent Test And Know The Presence Of Cocaine

Cocaine is the substance that can be used for medicinal purpose or can be present in the food and in order to identify that you simply need to make sure about froehde reagent test kit which is easy to buy. There will be a solution and strips present in the kit as all you need to do is dip the solution on the substance and wait for the results.

It is much easier than it sounds because there is nothing much you need to do rather than using solution on the substance. Results are much faster as you will get them right in seconds after using them. Get detailed info about froehde reagent testing kit visit on

Simple screening test

It is a normal screening test which is legal in all the countries and also it is safe to use as there is nothing to be worried about. You can easily use it without getting harmed but make sure to not to pour the solution on your hands as it might be allergic to some people.

Always keep the kit away from the kids because they might touch it with bare hands without even letting you know so keep this thing in mind.

Does it require assistant?

If you are new to this and worry about using it then no there is no need of assistant. You will get instruction guide as well as the manual that you can read and it will make easier for you to understand about it. All you need to do is break the ampoule, pour the substance in it and shake it.

Right after shaking it you will come to know that color has been changed and you can match that color to the color chart by which you will come to know about the purity and impurity.